Do I Need a Filling?

Do I Need a Filling?

Are you dealing with a cavity? If so, then you’ll need to restore the tooth with a filling.

Are you visiting our Pensacola, FL, dentist, Dr. Edwin Yee, every six months for cleanings and checkups? If you don’t remember the last cavitytime you received a cleaning, then it’s a good idea to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. After all, decay is one of the leading oral diseases in both children and adults, and the sooner this problem is caught and treated the better.

Of course, if we detect decay early on, we may not even need to place a filling. Given that decay is a gradually progressive disease, we may be able to remove any plaque and then monitor the tooth during your routine checkups to see if it’s progressing.

On the other hand, in the event that the decay has progressed to a deeper level, we may need to remove it and place a dental filling—but how do you know if this necessary?


When do you need a dental filling?

If your decay has turned into a full-blown cavity, then our dentist will need to remove the decay so that it doesn’t continue to spread. Once the decay has been removed, a dental filling will be placed. This filling is designed to restore and rebuild the tooth after the decayed enamel has been drilled away. A filling doesn’t just restore the tooth’s appearance, but its strength and durability, as well.

In most cases, a tooth-colored material, such as composite resin, is used to fill the tooth. This material can be matched to the shade of the tooth ahead of time so that it blends right in. The resin is also moldable, allowing it to be easily shaped and contoured to the tooth. Dental fillings aren’t noticeable, so you won’t have to worry that they will be visible when you smile.


What are the signs of a cavity?

Sometimes a person may have a cavity and not even know it, which is why it’s important to visit your dentist every six months for cleanings and checkups. However, you may have a cavity if,

  • You have a toothache
  • Your tooth is suddenly sensitive to hot/cold temperatures, pressure, or sweets
  • There is a visible hole or dark spot on the tooth


Concerned? Give our Pensacola office a call

No matter whether you are concerned that you may have a cavity or it’s just time for you to schedule a cleaning, call our Pensacola, FL, dental office today at (850) 479-3355. We will find an appointment that works best with your schedule!

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