The Importance of Preventative Care

The Importance of Preventative Care

Preventative CarePreventing serious dental issues like teeth decay and gum disease is an important part of keeping your teeth healthy and avoid tooth loss. Understanding what it takes to avoid these conditions can help you keep your teeth healthy and clean for the rest of your life. What should your preventative dental care routine involve and why is it so important? Find out with Dr. Edwin Yee in Pensacola, FL.

What should preventative dental care include? 
At your preventative appointment, your dentist will perform a routine examination of your teeth, oral tissues, jaw, and neck and your dental hygienist will perform a professional cleaning. During this time, your dentist will search for any evidence of issues like cavities, gum disease, or other issues with your teeth and gums. If necessary, they may perform minimally-invasive procedures like a dental filling during your visit. More invasive procedures like a root canal may require an additional appointment. Your dentist will also talk with you about your at-home dental care routine, which should include brushing twice a day and flossing at least once.

Why is preventative dental care important? 
Preventative dental appointments give your dentist the chance to spot issues with your smile early. Since teeth decay and gum disease are slow-growing conditions, visits with your dentist at least once every six months allows your dentist to treat your dental problems with the least invasive and complex treatments possible, before they grow into more serious issues. Additionally, regular dental care gives you an opportunity to feel comfortable at the dentist and build a solid foundation with your dentist and their team.

Preventative Dental Care in Pensacola, FL 
Whether you are two or 102, seeing your dentist twice a year and ensuring that you brush twice daily and floss at least once will keep your teeth healthy for a lifetime. For more information on preventative dental care, please contact Dr. Yee in Pensacola, FL. Call (850) 479-3355 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Yee today!

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