What Bonding and Contouring Can Do for Your Teeth

What Bonding and Contouring Can Do for Your Teeth

Dr. Edwin Yee, your cosmetic dentist in Pensacola, FL, loves to see patients get a boost of confidence with a beautiful smile. There are many cosmetic dental services that can improve the aesthetics of your smile. Dental bonding and cosmetic contouring can help with several cosmetic concerns, and we are happy to help you get to your best smile! If you have cosmetic concerns and want to start putting your best face forward, contact your cosmetic dentist in Pensacola, FL.

Bonding and Contouring

The appearance of chipped teeth, crooked teeth, and even small gaps in teeth can be improved with dental bonding and cosmetic contouring. Dental bonding is material that can replace tooth structure, and contouring is any filing or shaping of the existing tooth structure. With these two methods, you can change the shape of any tooth and improve your smile.

The composite resin material used for dental bonding is strong and designed to match your natural teeth. When you get dental bonding, the tooth is first etched with a solution that prepares it for the bonding material. Your dentist sculpts the material directly onto the tooth, and it is cured with a special light until it hardens. Then the bonding can be trimmed and polished to blend in with your smile. Dental bonding can change the shape of a tooth to correct chips and small gaps in teeth.

Contouring of a tooth can be done at your cosmetic dentist in Pensacola, FL, for several reasons. In the case of a chip or crack, the tooth can be filed and reshaped. Crooked and overlapping teeth can also benefit from being reshaped. Contouring and bonding are both quick and painless appointments that can improve your smile and your confidence!

Bonding and contouring can help address several cosmetic issues in a smile. Your cosmetic dentist in Pensacola, FL, Dr. Edwin Yee transforms smiles with cosmetic dental services. If you want to improve the look of your smile, contact us for an appointment at (850) 479-3355.

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