Signs You May Need a Root Canal
May 25, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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Root CanalA persistent toothache or sharp pain when biting and chewing food are both signs you may need a root canal. Teeth that have become infected and inflamed can cause pain, pressure, and tooth sensitivity. When the infection is extensive, teeth can require extraction. Root canal treatment can restore and strengthen infected teeth, eliminating the need for extraction. Dr. Edwin Yee is your Pensacola, FL, dentist for root canal treatment.

Signs a Root Canal is Needed

A root canal is needed when the soft pulp tissue at the center of a tooth becomes infected. Inflammation can develop, which can cause pain, discomfort, and sensitivity. The infection can also spread down through the root and form an abscess below the tooth. Once an abscess develops, the infection can more easily spread to other areas. Root canal treatment removes the infection and restores the tooth. Your Pensacola dentist will determine if a root canal is needed. Signs you may need a root canal include:

  • A severe toothache
  • Persistent mouth pain
  • Tooth sensitivity to hot or cold substances
  • A feeling of constant pressure in the mouth
  • Sharp pain when biting and chewing food

Root Canal Procedure

Root canal treatment is similar to having a cavity filled. Your Pensacola dentist will drill into the infected tooth and remove infected and inflamed pulp tissue. Once the infected areas have been removed, the interior of the tooth will be thoroughly cleaned. Finally, the tooth will be filled in and sealed with a dental filling, just as a cavity is. Removing the infection and filling the tooth strengthens and restores it so normal biting and chewing functions can resume without pain and sensitivity. The previously infected tooth is preserved and extraction is not needed.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment offers multiple benefits, such as eliminating the need to extract damaged or infected teeth. Additionally, the procedure is similar to filling a cavity. The benefits of root canal treatment include:

  • Preserving infected teeth and avoiding extraction
  • Strengthening teeth weakened by infection
  • Restoring normal biting and chewing functions
  • Alleviating tooth pain, discomfort, and sensitivity
  • Preventing the spread of infection to other areas
  • Alleviating strain on surrounding teeth that were compensating for the infected tooth

Tooth pain and sensitivity, as well as discomfort and pressure in the mouth, are all signs you may need a root canal. You can avoid extraction and restore infected teeth with root canal treatment. To find out if you need a root canal, schedule an appointment with Dr. Yee, your Pensacola, FL, dentist, by calling the office at (850) 479-3355.