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Cosmetic dentistry is a powerful way for Pensacola, FL, residents to manage serious oral health issues. But which procedure is correct for you? If you're not sure, the offices of Dr. Edwin Yee can help you better understand the following high-quality cosmetic dental procedures.


Whitening is explicitly designed for stains or imperfections in your teeth' appearance. Your dental professional starts by carefully removing and cleaning any plaque or tartar buildup throughout your mouth. Then, a whitening agent is applied to the teeth periodically to help naturally improve your smile. We suggest this option to those with minimal dental damage who want a shinier smile in Pensacola, FL. Regular coffee drinkers or smokers need this procedure quite regularly.

Indirect Fillings 

This procedure occurs when you have mild to moderate decay on your tooth, and a regular filling won't provide the support that you need. Instead, they are made out of composite porcelain or ceramic material and carefully attached to the tooth to provide extra support for its enamel. Also known as inlays and onlays, we suggest this option for people who have minor issues with a few teeth that they want to manage with cosmetic dentistry quickly. It should last several years after installation.


When traditional caps or crowns don't work for you, a dental veneer is a great alternative. This common type of cosmetic dentistry uses medical-grade ceramic to seal your enamel and keep your teeth strong. This option is perfect for people with minor surface damage who want to make their teeth look as strong as possible. That's because the ceramic material looks very close to your normal tooth. In this way, you can create a smile that you'll love.


This process utilizes a colored composite material to recreate the overall shape and structure of a damaged tooth. Your dentist carefully removes any decay on the surface and then applies this material to shape it to the look and feel of your normal tooth. We suggest this option for people who don't have a lot of money or no dental insurance because it is relatively inexpensive and can restore your oral health. And you'll improve your overall appearance, too.


Implantation is a great alternative when you lose one or more teeth and aren't quite ready for dentures. They can last for a very long time, look very close to your normal tooth, and resist oral decay very well. They are also implanted directly into your jaw to stabilize its bone structure and minimize worsening corrosion. We suggest this option for those who want a very healthy tooth replacement option for their cosmetic dentistry.

Make an Appointment Today 

If you feel like these cosmetic dentistry options are right for you, please get in touch with the offices of Dr. Edwin Yee to learn more. We can help Pensacola, FL, residents get the high-quality dental care necessary to keep their smiles strong. So call us at (850) 479-3355 today to learn more about your options.

Dr. Edwin Yee, your cosmetic dentist in Pensacola, FL, loves to see patients get a boost of confidence with a beautiful smile. There are many cosmetic dental services that can improve the aesthetics of your smile. Dental bonding and cosmetic contouring can help with several cosmetic concerns, and we are happy to help you get to your best smile! If you have cosmetic concerns and want to start putting your best face forward, contact your cosmetic dentist in Pensacola, FL.

Bonding and Contouring

The appearance of chipped teeth, crooked teeth, and even small gaps in teeth can be improved with dental bonding and cosmetic contouring. Dental bonding is material that can replace tooth structure, and contouring is any filing or shaping of the existing tooth structure. With these two methods, you can change the shape of any tooth and improve your smile.

The composite resin material used for dental bonding is strong and designed to match your natural teeth. When you get dental bonding, the tooth is first etched with a solution that prepares it for the bonding material. Your dentist sculpts the material directly onto the tooth, and it is cured with a special light until it hardens. Then the bonding can be trimmed and polished to blend in with your smile. Dental bonding can change the shape of a tooth to correct chips and small gaps in teeth.

Contouring of a tooth can be done at your cosmetic dentist in Pensacola, FL, for several reasons. In the case of a chip or crack, the tooth can be filed and reshaped. Crooked and overlapping teeth can also benefit from being reshaped. Contouring and bonding are both quick and painless appointments that can improve your smile and your confidence!

Bonding and contouring can help address several cosmetic issues in a smile. Your cosmetic dentist in Pensacola, FL, Dr. Edwin Yee transforms smiles with cosmetic dental services. If you want to improve the look of your smile, contact us for an appointment at (850) 479-3355.