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Dental implants are a great way to fix a gap in your smile! Dr. Edwin Yee is here to help you figure out the best options that will last you a dental implantslifetime in his Pensacola, FL, office.

Here's what you need to know about dental implants:

Dental implants are not just a restorative procedure that can beautify your smile, they are vital for providing your jawbone with the necessary strength and reinforcement. When there is no tooth root because a tooth is lost because of an injury, for example, your jawbone weakens.

Dental Implant Procedure:

A local anesthetic is applied to the area that will undergo the procedure. Then your dentist will remove any tooth left and insert a titanium post into the jawbone. The titanium post acts as the new tooth root and is biocompatible, so there is no worry of tissue rejection. The doctor will then surgically close the area and allow it to heal for a period of 3 to 6 months, while the process of osseointegration takes its full course. When you return, your Pensacola dentist will re-open the area, insert an abutment and place a crown over the abutment that matches the rest of your teeth.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

  • Implants can have a high success rate, reaching 95 percent, compared to other dental restorations.
  • They can last a lifetime if cared for properly.
  • They don't slip out of place like dentures, which makes them comfortable and practical.
  • They provide your jawbone with the support it needs so that it doesn't shrink.
  • They are used to fill a single gap in your teeth, a few gaps, or all of your teeth.
  • Dental implants look natural and can give you a beautiful smile.
  • You won't have to worry about being able to bite into and chew your favorite foods.

If you have questions or concerns, Dr. Yee can help you out. Call his office, located in Pensacola, FL, at (850) 479-3355 to make an appoint today!

September 27, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Does your broken or decayed tooth need a second chance? Do you wish that you could renew your smile in only a few dental dental crownsappointments? If so, dental crowns may be a good option for you. But what can a crown do for you? Your Pensacola, FL dentist is your best source of information about dental crowns. Find out more about this procedure with Dr. Edwin Yee.

What is a dental crown? 
Dental crowns fall under both the cosmetic and restoration dentistry umbrellas, meaning that they will renew your look and improve your mouth’s functionality at the same time. A dental crown fits over the tooth to protect it from future damage. Dentists often use a dental crown after root canal therapy though, thanks to its versatility, a crown can accomplish many dental tasks.

Can a dental crown help my smile? 
Dental crowns help your smile in numerous ways depending on your circumstances. Some of the most common uses for dental crowns include to:

  • stabilize a tooth that can't be supported by a large filling
  • protect a compromised tooth from further damage
  • hold a dental bridge in place
  • improve the appearance of a tooth
  • cover a dental implant as a replacement tooth

How long does a dental crown last? 
A dental crown can last many years before requiring maintenance or replacement. However, in order to lengthen the life of your crown, you should have an excellent at-home oral care routine. No matter your risk of tooth decay or gum disease or which types of restorations you have, you should brush your teeth at least twice daily and floss at least once. In addition to your at-home routine, you should see your dentist at least twice a year for a regular dental examination and professional cleaning.

Dental Crowns in Pensacola, FL 
Many patients with various dental conditions can benefit from a dental crown. For more information on crowns, please contact Dr. Edwin Yee in Pensacola FL. Call 850-479-3355 to schedule your appointment for a consultation with Dr. Yee today!